LLC Dandelion sells Professional Racing Fuel Racing Pro 123, 20 L

Professional Racing Fuel Racing Pro 123

Fuel type:Gasoline
Requirements:Requires mandatory engine tuning and ignition timing adjustment!
Brand line:Hyper Fuel

8,000 *

* Minimum order amount for products in the "Racing" category - 4000 ₽

Characteristics Professional Racing Fuel Racing Pro 123


For sports cars with highly tuned engines. Can be used in competitions of various types and levels of pilot training


  • Fuel requires mandatory ignition system and engine management tuning
  • Used at ultra-high engine speeds and with a compression ratio of 17:1
  • For turbocharged and nitrogen systems equipped cars
  • Has increased completeness and combustion speed
  • Ensures stable and predictable engine behavior during races of any duration

Recommended for use in technology:

  • Sports cars